Lending made simple

PremierCredit is an International financial technology company that operates as an online microlending and Investment platform in emerging markets in Southern Africa.


Our headquarters are in the business and cross-border investment hub for Africa, Mauritius. We are licensed and regulated by the Financial Services Commission (FSC), enabling us to provide inclusive financial services in the whole of Africa.

Our Vision

Revolutionizing banking across Africa, bridging tradition with innovation. We’re dedicated to empowering the unbanked and underbanked with simple, accessible financial services tailored for African individuals and businesses.

Our Mission

We fuse innovative technology and strategic partnerships to offer accessible and affordable financial solutions across Africa. Guided by our commitment to inclusivity, customer-centricity, and social responsibility, we empower individuals and businesses, fostering financial inclusion and prosperity for all.

Our Leadership Team

Vincent Malekani

Chief Executive Officer

Vincent excels in enhancing performance, building top-tier teams, and driving growth. His leadership steers PremierCredit towards sustainable success and innovation in a dynamic business landscape.

Rabson Musompo

Chief Financial Officer

Rabson oversees our financial operations with integrity. He drives financial strategies, optimizing performance and ensuring sustainable growth, guiding PremierCredit towards continued success.

Musanide Lubunda

Chief Technology Officer

Musanide drives our technological vision and innovation. With expertise in programming, software development, and cybersecurity, he propels PremierCredit to new heights of success.

Lungowe Kongwa

Chief Operations Officer

Lungowe excels in operational excellence, optimizing processes and driving performance. She ensures seamless execution and steers PremierCredit towards sustained growth.

Duduzile Domingo

Chief Commercial Officer 

Duduzile leads our commercial ventures with expertise in sales, marketing, and partnerships. She drives revenue growth, market expansion, and client relationships, pushing PremierCredit to new heights.

Erasmus Zulu

Chief Risk & Compliance Officer

Erasmus leads risk management and compliance, safeguarding our integrity and reputation. He ensures adherence to high standards and navigates challenges with confidence.

Simataa Akapelwa

Chief of Staff/Head of Data & Analytics

Simaata focuses on organizational strategy and operational excellence. He supports the CEO in decision-making, optimizing business performance, and achieving strategic objectives with clarity. Additionally, he is responsible for building and maintaining business intelligence initiatives at the company.

Mercy Namukoko

Chief People Officer

Mercy leads HR strategies with precision, fostering a thriving workplace culture. She empowers teams and drives organizational growth, ensuring talent and success flourish.